A little bit about me...

I have finally achieved the goals I’ve taught my children and that’s to be independent in my career, to stand on my own and be responsible for my future by holding myself accountable.

I began my career in real estate by working for attorneys, Gary Shahan and Chuck Erwin, as a title policy administrator. I was young then and really inexperienced in the knowledge of how to pursue being a Realtor.

Life began to happen with marriage and then babies. The longing to be a Realtor didn’t diminish but the time and money for classes put things on hold for me. I wanted to work in real estate because I wanted to help others obtain the “American Dream” of homeownership. I wanted buyers to feel great about the service and experience they received.

Today, here I am achieving the goals I set for myself many years ago, and achieving them for my clients. I enjoy getting to be part of your feeling of accomplishment. I strive to be the best in this career and I can assure you, if you choose me and our team as your Realtor partners, I will work so hard for you that you will want to refer me to others.

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