Trust the Berry Best

Do you call Texas Home?

I do now! I was born and raised in Iowa but visited Texas when I was 15 and fell in love with this state. In 2001 I was blessed with an opportunity to attend Texas Bible College, then relocated in 2004 to San Angelo where I was blessed again with another opportunity to start teaching young students and reconnect with my high school sweetheart who had just returned from serving in Iraq. In 2005 we married and now have two beautiful daughters. In 2017 we felt as a family there was more opportunity, community, and growth in Abilene, so we took a chance and it paid off big time!

What made you decide to be a realtor? 

After having the opportunity to stay home with my girls I was offered a position to return to teaching, which I loved, but the desire to pursue my own independence and career path grew stronger. Upon arriving in Abilene I began pursuit towards a license in insurance, which drove me towards real estate. After I obtained my real estate license in 2019 I joined Keller Williams and the Texas Lifestyle group because I met an amazing team of people there. They are a family that encouraged and enabled me on my personal life growth of serving and giving back to my community. I knew they were the perfect fit in the way they expressed their desires, goals, and passion for the business, it’s as if the team was specially created just for me. 

What do you do in your spare time? 

My pursuit of God has always been important to me, so learning more and studying the Bible is key to growth in my life. I always schedule to spend time with my family and enjoy every minute of watching my children grow and learn. My sport of choice is volleyball, there is always time for a game! 

What am I proud of? 

Family always! Marriage can be tough but my husband and I have agreed that no matter how hard we never give up. Everything we do is a team effort and that has been the key to our success thus far. My children as well, they have such a joy for life and discovery of the world and I am so thankful to call them mine.

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