A little bit about me...

I am 100% Texan, born and raised in Fisher County Tx in the farming community of Roby.  My family owned and operated a large hog farm for many years.  When the market crashed we sold the farm but our desire to have animals remained.  As my father aged we went from pure bred hogs and sheep to eventually having goats which are a lot less maintenance to give Dad something to do.

After graduation from Roby High School, I started working at the Texas Department of Transportation and stayed with them for 31 years.  During this tenure I spent 4.5 years as the maintenance supervisor in Breckenridge, TX.  

My brother suggested I change my career path and I took his advice.  Actually at that time one of my goats was killed by a local company and the insurance pay out is what I used to start real estate school.  I have not looked back and transitioned into another successful phase of life with selling real estate. I have been honored to be named Top Land Agent of the Year.  I love selling all types of real estate, and have traveled across Texas selling farms and ranches.

Following in my grandfather’s footsteps, I joined the Roby Volunteer Fire Department when I was 19 years old, and was an active member for about 40 years. I have served in every office the department has, including serving as Chief and Fire Marshall for many years. I was a first aid and CPR instructor for several years with TXDOT. At our local schools, I’ve served as a safety instructor for about 25 years.  It’s fun to now teach the children of my 1st generation students.

Today I am part of a Top Team, Texas Lifestyles Group at Keller Williams Realty and I serve our market center as a Land Committee Member. When I’m not selling homes, land, or farms/ranches you can find me spending time with my family, volunteering or time with all of my animals. I feel very blessed in life.

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