A little bit about me...

Ron Elza who was born and raised in a small town in Virginia. Ron's love for the outdoors and ranching was ingrained in him from an early age and eventually brought him to Texas.

September 11, 2001, marked a turning point for Ron, prompting him to join the United States Marine Corps infantry at just 17 years old. He served his country with pride and dedication, deploying twice to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and later to Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom. His service in the USMC spanned from 2005 to 2009, a period that profoundly influenced his life.

Post-military, Ron transitioned into the construction industry while pursuing a new path as an Emergency Medical Technician and firefighter. His career led him internationally when he secured a job as an overseas contractor, allowing him to financially secure his passion for a future of ranching with his desire to explore new horizons. Finally, his love for riding horses and the dream of being a Texas cattle rancher took root and became his driving passion. Ron and his wife, Rebecca, decided to make this dream a reality, moving to Texas and immersing themselves in the ranching lifestyle. The demands of overseas contracting, often lasting 8-10 months away from the new Texas home, prompted Ron to seek a career change that would allow him to spend more time with his family. Driven by his innate passion for helping people, Ron found his calling in real estate. His unique background, including military service, construction experience, and overseas contracting, provides him with a diverse skill set that sets him apart in the real estate industry.

In his off time, you'll find Ron riding his horse, Maverick, and enjoying ranch life with Rebecca and their service dog, Shelby. His love for the outdoors and dedication to service make Ron Elza not just a real estate agent but a partner in your journey to finding the perfect home. Trust Ron to guide you through the process with integrity, commitment, and a deep understanding of your unique needs.

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